Sex Crimes

Protecting Those Accused Of Sex Crimes

The ramifications of a sex crime can last long past a prison sentence. The stigma of a sex crime conviction can permanently affect how people treat you, where you are allowed to live and what jobs you are allowed to hold. Most significantly, most sex crime convictions will force you to register as a sex offender for years or the rest of your life.

Experience Needed To Defend Against High-Stake Sex Allegations

State and federal authorities devote substantial resources prosecuting sex crimes in Illinois and nationwide. You need a criminal defense attorney with the experience and knowledge to succeed as well as the attitude to meet the challenge.

At The Law Offices of Ernest A. DiBenedetto, our attorney has decades of experience defending against high-stake sex crime allegations. We have the legal resources and skills to handle the most complex cases involving DNA and other forensic evidence. Contact our sex crime defense attorney to learn how we will fight to protect your rights.

Former Prosecutor Fighting To Protect Your Rights

An arrest for a sex crime can impact your life immediately. Not only are you thrust into an aggressive criminal justice system, but also it will affect how family, neighbors and co-workers perceive you. Our criminal defense lawyer understands how important it is to establish an aggressive and vigorous defense as quickly as possible.

We know what you are up against because our defense lawyer is a former prosecutor. Our defense team is prepared to put the prosecution on the defensive. We are committed to uncovering any weaknesses in the allegations against you or evidence that can be used in your favor. We review every angle possible when defending against all types of sex charges, including:

  • Internet sex crimes, including child pornography and solicitation of minors
  • Sexting
  • Criminal sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault
  • Date rape, rape and rape solicitation
  • Prostitution
  • Juvenile sex crimes
  • Peeping tom offenses
  • Indecent exposure

We will aggressively review and exploit weaknesses in the way law enforcement conducted their investigation and gathered evidence. We will conduct an independent investigation. We will review testimony and interview witnesses. We can work with respected experts and will build a personalized strategy around the unique circumstances of your case.

Our job is to protect your constitutional rights at all costs.

Accused of Rape Solicitation? Contact Us For An Aggressive Defense.

Anyone accused of committing a sex crime has the right to a vigorous defense. When you work with our office, you get the benefit of highly experienced defense attorney who was a former prosecutor. We have the resources, knowledge and commitment your case deserves.

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