Felony DUI

Understanding Felony DUI

Felony DUI is a serious charge. While you may have shrugged off your first offense, the fact that you have that one now makes the current second or third charge a potential felony with serious penalties.

A felony is by definition a charge that can result in a year or more in prison. Prison is not like a county jail. It is not pleasant.

Penalties For Felony DUI Convictions

Aside from prior DUI convictions, other aggravating circumstances can make your DUI a felony, including:

  • Injury or death resulting from the accident
  • Being in a school zone
  • Having a child in the car at the time
  • You have no vehicle insurance on the car you were stopped in
  • Your license is suspended or revoked at the time
  • You do not have a valid driver’s license at the time

Prison is not the only potential sanction. Heavy fines, mandatory treatment, community service, loss of license, probation and court costs are also possible. Long-term problems include high insurance rates and a criminal record. That could mean trouble renting an apartment, getting a job, or getting into a school or college. A third DUI is a class 2 felony, and a fourth DUI is a non-probationable felony requiring a mandatory minimum sentence of three years in prison.

Former Prosecutor Protecting Your Rights

We want to prevent these consequences or minimize them for you.

At The Law Offices of Ernest A. DiBenedetto, our attorney is a former prosecutor who knows felony DUI cases inside and out. He has more than 35 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney and knows how prosecutors work. His knowledge of both sides of the case can benefit you.

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