Marijuana Possession And Sales

Have You Been Arrested For Possessing Marijuana?

You may not consider yourself a criminal, especially if this is your first run-in with the law. However, everything you have worked hard to achieve could be put on hold, if you are accused of marijuana possession or drug sales. Drug crime convictions are punishable with jail time and significant fines. Your ability to secure student loans or grants would also end. Do not gamble away your future by underestimating the seriousness of the charges.

Former Prosecutor Aggressively Defending Against Drug Charges

At The Law Offices of Ernest A. DiBenedetto, we understand what you are up against when facing drug charges. Our marijuana possession defense attorney is a former prosecutor so he knows what the prosecution must prove in order to secure a conviction. Based on his firsthand knowledge, our legal team is prepared to expose any weaknesses or gaps in the prosecution’s charges. Contact our drug defense lawyer to learn how we will fight to protect your rights starting with a free initial consultation.

Drug Defense Attorney Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

If you were arrested for possessing marijuana, you were probably led to think the worst. The officers may have encouraged you to come clean in an effort to protect yourself from further complications. Law enforcement may seem reasonable, but their job is to secure a drug conviction. Anything you say could be twisted and used against you.

When your freedom is hanging in the balance, trust our defense lawyer to protect your rights. We know how the other side works and are fully prepared to uncover any weaknesses in the prosecution’s charges against you. Our defense lawyer will fight for any evidence secured outside of a search warrant to be dismissed. If you were pulled over while driving, we will question the legitimacy of the charges if the police officer failed to make a valid traffic stop. Without enough evidence, the charges may be dropped.

We will also conduct a thorough investigation to try discovering any evidence that can be used in your favor. If you were sharing living space or car, we may be able to cast doubt in the legitimacy of the charges against you. Someone who had access to your home or car may have been in possession of marijuana without your knowledge. Our job is to review every angle possible when fighting to protect your constitutional rights.

Contact Our Drug Crime Defense Lawyer For A Free Consultation

Whether you are facing first-time or repeat drug charges, you may be expecting the worst. But, an experienced DuPage County marijuana possession defense attorney can help level the playing field. At The Law Offices of Ernest A. DiBenedetto, we have done this for years. Contact our defense lawyer online today or call us at 630-796-6143 for a free initial consultation in Westmont.