Working to Give Juveniles a Second Chance

Not every juvenile gets in trouble with the law, but part of being young is making mistakes, exploring boundaries and pushing authority. Our attorneys work to make sure that juveniles who are accused of criminal activity have the opportunity to avoid having that criminal charge become a permanent barrier to education or employment.

At the Westmont law office of DiBenedetto & Kendall, P.C., we work to protect the rights and the future for juveniles caught up in the criminal justice system. Our DuPage County juvenile defense lawyers put more than 25 years of criminal law experience behind every case. We know how to operate and succeed within both the juvenile and adult criminal system, and we can help build a strong defense. Contact our defense firm today for a free initial consultation in Westmont, Illinois.

Seeking a Reduction of Penalties

It is a myth that a juvenile crime doesn't carry lasting consequences. Criminal charges of any kind can impact employment, educational opportunities and future interactions with law enforcement. Not only are juveniles highly visible to law enforcement, but also they can face penalties as serious as those handed down in adult court.

Our DuPage County lawyers understand the need for strong and aggressive defense to minimize the damage caused by an arrest as much as possible, and any jail sentence. We aren't focused on finding the easiest answer, but the best one to preserve our client's freedom and future.

We represent juveniles arrested in matters of:

Representing Adults in Juvenile Cases

Not all juvenile cases involve juvenile delinquency. In cases where an adult, guardian or parent is accused of criminal activity involving a juvenile, our DuPage County attorneys provide experienced, effective and thorough defense. We work to address charges of abuse or neglect, and help parents to re-establish families that have been torn apart as a result of criminal charges.

These cases are complex and need to address both criminal complaints as well as the concerns of administrative agencies, such as the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). We work with you at all stages to build your case.

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